Hi, I own the home in Orlando, Fl that 'Nsync used to live in, on Palm Lake Drive and i'm about to renovate. I have for sale 'Nsync items from this home.

I have a notorized letter of authenticity from Justin's personal assistant verifying that these items are authentic.

Items available for sale now are:

Justin's basketball hoop $250 plus $25 shipping & handling
doorknobs $150 each plus $15 shipping & handling each
toilet seats $150 each plus $15 shipping & handling each
stars (set of 3) from Justin's ceiling $100 plus $10 shipping & handling each
switchplates $100 each plus $10 shipping & handling each
4 phones from their phone system $200 plus $20 shipping & handling each
Update: 3 Phones Left

3 showerheads $150 plus $15 shipping & handling each.

Available at a later date:

pieces of carpet $25

Payment is in the form of certified check or money order only.

The item(s) you order will be held for you for ten days.
If your payment is not received within ten days after your order is placed, the item will go to the next person on the list.

See the webpage at https://members.tripod.com/~nsync4sale/nsync.html for updates.

If interested in ordering email nsync4sale@yahoo.com

Serious inquirys only, please.

Thank you,